Seit 18. August in Berlin beschreibe ich nun auch hier meine Eindrücke und Erlebnisse, die mir die Reichshauptstadt offeriert...

Wednesday, January 24, 2007




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Watch subject. Bush goes ballistic about other countries being evil and dangerous, because they have weapons of mass destruction. But, he insists on building up even a more deadly supply of nuclear arms right here in the US. What do you think? Why has bush turned our country from a country of hope and prosperity to a country of belligerence and fear.
If ever there was ever a time in our nation's history that called for a change, this is it!
The more people that the government puts in jails, the safer we are told to think we are. The real terrorists are wherever they are, but they aren't living in a country with bars on the windows. We are.

9:31 AM


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